Impact of Physical Work Environment upon Nurses’ Job performance in Al-Nassiryah City Hospitals


  • Hussein Kadhim College of Nursing/ University of Baghdad
  • Wissam Jabbar Qassem College of Nursing/ University of Baghdad



Physical work environment, nursing job performance, nurses, hospitals


AbstractObjectives: The work environment has an impact on the performance of nurses, as well as to determine the relationship between the work environment and the performance of nurses.Research methodology: A descriptive analytical study was designed for the impact of the work environment on the performance of nurses' jobs in the hospitals of the city of Nasiriyah. The study began in the period from May 15, 2022 to 1 November, 2022. The non-probability (purposive) sample consisted of (410) nurses working in the city center hospitals. Nasiriyah, they were chosen based on the study criteria, and after obtaining approval from them. The data was collected using the questionnaire, which consists of the first axis: social and demographic data: which consists of demographic information, consisted of (4) items and (16) sub-items which included items (age, gender, level of education and experience) those items that were classified and graded as choosing an appropriate answer. The second axis: information related to the impact that nurses are exposed to while working in your organization. The third axis is information related to the nurses' work performance in the work environment.

Results: The association between work environment hazards and nurse performance (continuation 1) showed a strong positive relationship (when the nurse is satisfied with her environment, there is an increase in her performance).

Conclusion: Our study revealed that there are factors in the nursing work environment such as the risks of the physical environment, factors psychosocial environment, and the factors of chemical and factors of biological environment that have a significant positive or negative effect on the performance of nurses' work.

Recommendations: The work environment can be monitored and improved to maintain the health of nurses working in Nasiriyah city hospitals. Nurses working in Nasiriyah city hospitals can also be provided with information about maintaining a healthy condition and a safe work environment. Regular medical examinations should also be initiated for nurses to maintain their health and protect them from risks environmental potential.





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