Peer-review Guideline

By following the expectations and guidelines, peer reviewers contribute to the integrity and effectiveness of the review process of the Iraqi National Journal of Nursing Specialties. As a peer reviewer, there are several expectations and guidelines to follow:

1. Maintain confidentiality: It is crucial to keep all manuscript information confidential and not disclose any details to unauthorized individuals.

2. Timely response: Responding promptly to review invitations is highly recommended to ensure the smooth progress of the review process.

3. Relevance to expertise: Peer reviewers should accept and conduct reviews only for manuscripts that fall within their areas of expertise.

4. Prompt communication: If a reviewer is unable to conduct the review, it is important to inform the editor as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.

5. Declare conflicts of interest: Reviewers should disclose any potential conflicts of interest, such as financial, personal, or professional relationships that may influence their objectivity.

6. Follow ethical guidelines: Reviewers should adhere to the Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (COPE) to ensure fairness, integrity, and ethical conduct throughout the review process.


  Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (COPE)

Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (COPE)

7. Provide objective and constructive feedback: Reviewers are expected to offer unbiased and constructive comments and feedback to help improve the quality of the manuscript.