Publication Ethics Statement

The Iraqi National Journal of Nursing Specialties (INJNS) is committed to plagiarism prevention policy through text originality indexing & plagiarism prevention; and in accordance with its publication code of ethics. Plagiarism is considered a serious violation of publication ethics, along with other offenses such as duplicate publication, data fabrication, falsification, and improper attribution of author contribution. It is important to note that plagiarism, fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements, and submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals concurrently are all unethical behaviors and are not acceptable. Therefore, Turnitin® Software is used to screen all manuscripts that are under review or have been published. It is worth mentioning that INJNS allows for a certain level of similarity, of ≤ 14%, as long as it does not exceed a 5% similarity index from any individual reference listed in the manuscript. To ensure compliance with publication ethical standards, all new submissions to INJNS undergo plagiarism checks using two methods. First, the section editor manually reviews the content, and second, a plagiarism checking tool, specifically Turnitin, is employed for comprehensive and objective analysis.