Evaluation of Parents’ Knowledge about Nutritional Management of children with Phenylketonuria


  • Mustafa Salih Al-rasheed college university
  • Qahtan Q. Mohammed College of Nursing/ University of Baghdad




Parents’ Knowledge, Nutritional Management, Children, Phenylketonuria



Objective(s): to Evaluation of Parents’ Knowledge about Nutritional Management of kids with Phenylketonuria; to Identify the association between parents’ Knowledge about nutritional management then their demographic variables of fathers, mothers (parents age, residence then socioeconomic position).

Methodology: A non-experimental project; was accompanied on parents of phenylketonuria kid in Baghdad town since the period 3 June to 5 October 2022. A Non-probability sample (convenience) of 35 PKU children and their parents (father and mother) was selected Purposively from the hospitals that are select for the study. A survey is built for the purpose of the education throughout a review of applicable literature. It composed of two parts: The first part Demographic Characteristics: parents' Demographic features and Socioeconomic Status; And the second part is Parents’ Knowledge about Nutritional Management of children with Phenylketonuria. The internal consistency between items was strongminded by using alpha Cronbach`s coefficient. The consistency analysis shows very good evaluation for knowledge scale. Data was collected from one hospital in Baghdad city beside al-Rusafa\ Ibn Al-Baladi Hospital for maternity and Children, after the approval of the director of the hospital and the acceptance of parents to involve themselves and their children in the study. data are examined using Statistical Data Analysis: Frequencies, percentage, mean scores, standard deviation, mean, whole scores then ranges-test and one - way analysis of variance.

Results: Outcomes presented that (62.9%) of the parents showing moderates knowledge of Parents about and nutrition knowledge of children with phenylketonuria during pre-test time, while they show very good close of knowledge through the post-examination time 1 and post-examination time 2.

Conclusions: Overall evaluation of Parents’ knowledge about Nutritional Management for Children with Phenylketonuria showing moderate knowledge about nutritional management during pre-test time, their knowledge level is increased to very good through the post-examination time 1 and 2, and a study confirms that older parents are better knowledge.

Recommendations: The study recommends that Parents of phenylketonuria children should be very well-oriented and greatly aware about the importance of Nutritional Management. Additional research studies container remains carried out with respect to big sample scope and wide variety variables, particularly, nationwide studies.

Key Words: Evaluation, Parents’ Knowledge, Nutritional Management, Phenylketonuria.




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